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HB-MG90 3 gallon 5 gallon blow molding machine
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1. Quick Detail:

Hisson HB-MG90 machine is the type of two stage stretch blow molding machine, specially designed for PET 3Gallon or 5Gallon bottle blow molding. Each set of our machine includes one set of preform infrared heating oven and one set of bottle blow molding part. Our HB-MG90 is suitable for blowing bottle up to 20L.


2. HB-MG90 BMM Components:

PLC and touching screen: BOTHFIT (China)

Mold clamping cylinder: Ningbo MOHE, seals for cylinder adopt imported.

Stretch cylinder: Ningbo MOHE, seals for cylinder adopt imported (China)

High pressure blowing valve: Zhejiang China

Low pressure valve: PMC (Korea)

Transducer: NOWFOREVER (China)

Main electric parts: SCHNEIDERCHINT.


3. HB-MG90 BMM Technical Parameters

4. Main Features:

1. Separation type design, small occupied space, low investment cost.

2. Running with high precision, stable and quiet.

3. Electric elements are adopted worldwide famous brand.

4. You can adjust the mechanical system according to different condition.

5. Fully controlled by computer, manual operation and auto operation are optional.

6. Heating oven can be adjusted aiming at specific condition.

7. With excellent stable-temperature-holding system

8. Adjustable revolution speed

           9. Low power consumption and high safety

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