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What are the lubrication requirements for semi-automatic injection molding machines?


The lubrication of the injection molding machine can be carried out according to the general rules of lubrication of mechanical equipment, hydraulic machinery and electric heating equipment according to the movement method, but some components (such as injection components and transmissions) need to be fully considered and mixed lubrication methods are selected.

One: Lubrication of gearbox

Any failure of the transmission will affect the quality and total number of production and processing. The hardened spur gear and aging shaft in the box should ensure a well-proportioned and reliable lubricating film. Generally, the oil standard and splash lubrication method can be used to consider the lubrication requirements.

Two:part of the mold clamping lubrication

The mold clamping member is composed of a belt pulley, a ball screw, a nut, and a vise. Adjust the impact block on one side of the vise to complement the travel switch on the motor shaft, and control the feed stroke of the screw nut, so that the vise can achieve mold opening and mold clamping. Due to the small friction nodes of the screw nut and nut, the floating oil is easily squeezed and cracked, so the lubricating oil should have good oiliness.

Three:  lubrication of injection components

The function of the injection member is to make the plastic evenly reach the injection temperature when heated by the electric heater coil, and the injection molding processing pressure is generated by the spiral pressure of the material pressing rod. The lubricating rod is usually lubricated with oil mark and oil rope.

Four: Lubrication of the motor shaft

The sliding rails on the frame are usually made of cast iron. Because the load and speed of the slide rail are not large, the use of mineral lubricants can only ensure the necessary limit oil film. Generally, after gently touching the rail surface with your hand, if you can see oil stains in your hand, it is considered that a layer of oil film has been maintained on the surface of the rail.

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