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Introduction of the injection molding machine


Why the injection molding machine cannot adjust the mold

1. Deviation of mechanical equipment level and coaxiality. Check with a square ruler. Adjust the coaxiality and level.

2. Burning nuts: check if the nuts can be rotated to get hot iron powder. Remove the nut.

3. Adjust the upper and lower support plates. Check the lock nut for disassembly of the support plate. Adjust the adjusting nut.

4. The injection mold adjustment valve is stuck. Remove the valve and check. Clean the valve.

5. The plastic mould adjustment motor is broken: check the oil motor. Disassemble or repair the oil motor.

6. The gap between the pressure plate and the pet preform mold adjusting wire is too small. Accurately measure with feeler gauge. Adjust the gap between the pressure plate and the nut, adjust the gap between the mold nut and the pressure plate (gap ≤0.05 mm).

7. The I / O board is broken. Check whether the output point has data signal on the page on the computer, and repair the electronic board.

How to protect the electrical part of the injection molding machine

1. Wire connector inspection

Untightened wires of the connector can cause high temperature or flame damage to the connector. Poor connectors can also affect the transmission of the signal. The connector on the contactor is easier to loose due to the vibration of the electromagnetic induction action. Therefore, the inspection wire must be performed regularly. Joints and tightening.


Generally, the motors are evaporative cooling. The accumulation of floating dust will cause difficult heat dissipation. Therefore, they are cleaned on time every year. Generally, the power circuit is equipped with a motor load disconnector. The limiter of the protector is adjustable. It should be properly selected according to the rated power of the motor. In addition, once the overload protector is started, it should be clearly checked whether it is out of phase, the normally open contact is not good, or the water temperature is too high before pressing the reset switch.

3. Heating tube and platinum thermal resistance

Check whether the heating tube should be tightened to ensure reasonable heat conduction. The damage of the heating tube is not easy to detect in normal production. Therefore, pay attention to the working condition of the temperature controller and distinguish whether the heating tube is normal. In addition, the common destruction of the heating tube is the junction of the wires. Because the joint is not good, the contact resistance is enlarged, which causes the junction to be overheated and the socket is oxidized and damaged.

4.Electromagnetic induction contactor

The contactor used for the electric heating part has repeated actions and its wear rate is fast. If the main contact is overheated and melts and sticks, it may cause the heating temperature to fail. Therefore, if you find that the contact has an overheating condition, an outgoing sound or an interruption When the fire is very high, the expression is about to be destroyed and it should be replaced as soon as possible.

5. Computer operation part

With the application of microcomputer control technology on injection molding machines, the normal operation of the microcomputer part and related electronic device boards on the fluctuation of power supply voltage, the temperature and humidity of the working environment, the durability of the installation, and the impact of external high-frequency signals are all Explicitly proposed higher regulations, so to maintain the normal operation of the cooling fan of the ventilation heat pipe in the control cabinet, apply high-precision power supply voltage stabilization equipment to supply power, and try to reduce the influence of external vibration on the control cabinet. Level of problems and regular inspections.

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