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Introduction of Precision Injection Molding Machine


Hisson Plastic Machinery is an enterprise specializing in the production, sales and service of injection molding machines and peripheral equipment. The precision injection molding machine is a piece of equipment it produces and sells. This equipment is very popular among users. So, what are the advantages of precision injection molding machines?

Precision injection molding machine has the following advantages:

1. Super flexible use

    The equipment has a double template clamping system, which can be used in sterile rooms, automated production or added to the production line.

2. Small footprint

    The equipment has a compact design and can easily disassemble various parts, which saves nearly 1/3 of the floor space.

3. Optimize production conditions

    Easily maintain each device of the injection molding machine, including: mold parts and auxiliary equipment. The fuselage has a simple structure, easy collection of finished products, and simplified settings during operation.

 4. Large size molds can be used

    The sufficient distance between the tie rod and the template of the small precision injection molding machine can be placed in a relatively large mold.

 5. Flexible mold replacement

    The fixed template of the equipment adopts multiple bolt hole assembly methods to ensure the safe installation of multiple models of molds.

6. Ultra-low energy consumption

    The Jiehao small precision injection molding machine equipped with servo motor pump drive can save energy by more than 50%.

Main features of precision injection molding machine

    With the continuous advancement of technology and in order to meet more requirements of users, new small precision injection molding machines have been developed.

    Small precision injection molding machines can be used to replace metal super engineering plastics and resins, and can improve management efficiency and reduce the unit price of injection products. With many models, users can choose an easy-to-operate production method to fully realize high-tech injection molding.

    The main features of small precision injection molding machines are summarized as follows:

    1. High production efficiency, adapt to new molding materials.

    2. High degree of automation reduces labor costs.

    3. It is helpful for the injection molding plant to keep the environment clean.

    4. Adopt a new hydraulic system with a super hybrid variable pump that uses a high-response electronic control device.

    5. The newly developed 1ms scanning high-speed program chip can realize fast cycle.

    6. The newly designed screw and new temperature control system can process super engineering plastics and achieve more stable operation.

Problems in the production of precision injection molding machines

    The precision injection molding machine can be roughly divided into two parts: mold and taker. When we want to inject a certain product, we must first inject the melted plastic liquid into the mold with pressure to make the plastic liquid evenly distributed in the mold. After the plastic liquid is cooled, it will be formed into the desired shape. Open the mold and use Take the product out. There is a thimble on the take-out device, and the taken-out product can be put down into the product chamber. This completes a product injection.


However, in actual production, some plastic particles may remain in the mold due to some mechanical collisions or other reasons. If these particles are not removed in time, these particles are likely to damage the mold during the next injection production.


In order to solve this problem, we need to clean up the remaining plastic particles in the mold in time. But how do you know when particles are left in the mold?


 We can install a real-time monitoring system above the precision injection molding machine. The system uses the camera sensor to photograph the two stages of injection molding production, and automatically controls the motion of the precision injection molding machine based on the comparison between the photographed image and the benchmark map. It solves the problem that the mold is easily broken by the residual plastic particles in the traditional injection molding production process.

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