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Fully automatic pet blowing machine


Hisson offers Fully Automatic PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machine for the on the go market with very high output rates for single served PET bottles. It improves productivity helps to reduce operating cost. It is suitable for fillers or blowers with high production requirement.

With very high output rates for single-served PET bottles. It improved productivity helps to reduce operating costs. The machine can be used in the diverse applications such as for all food and non-food liquid PET packaging : still or sparkling water, juices , milk or other dairy products, sauces or detergents.

From the preform loading to bottle blowing and ejection, all the steps in the process are automatic and without the touch of human hands.

The main features of PET Blow Moulding Machine are given Below:

Have revolving infrared pre heat system.

Ensures even heating of PET Performs.

Comes with Hydraulic mould Clamping System.

Ensures tight closing of moulds even under high pressure.

The air system has been divided into two parts:, Peneumatic Action Part and Bottle Blow Part.

Meet the different pressure requirements for the action and blow.

Provides sufficient and steady High Pressure for Blowing Large & Irregular shaped bottles.

Equipped with silencer and oilling system to lubricate the machine's parts.

Step by Step mode & auto mode operations.

Wide mouth and hot fill ensures ease in bottled production.

Fast Machines with output rates upto 6000 BPH thus optimizing productivity and production cost

Precise heat control due to layered heating system

Reduced electrical consumption : reflectors are close to the preform in the oven

Preform Feeder Reliability : speed regulation loop from the elevating column to the orientation

Parts changed less frequently : parts are more robust, with optimized service life

High production output, reliable automatic functioning, precise control, compact structure and low maintenance are the main features of our Plastic Machines.

The beverage industry is expected to reach a market value of over US$ 260 Mn by the end of 2027 and thus pet blow moulding machines market will also hit a high. This proves that there will a high demand for pet bottles and containers. We are already well prepared for the upcoming trends and we are well versed with all the latest technologies involved in the manufacturing of pet bottles and containers. Hisson is a leading manufacturer of exceptional quality Semi-Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machines.

We have employed and installed Two Stage Semi-Automatic Blow Moulding Machines to manufacture a variety of containers like mineral water bottle, juice bottles, carbonated drinks, alcohol, edible oil, nut, medicine, detergent, cosmetics containers and other products. The containers manufactured by our semi automatic and automatic pet blow moulding machines are supplied all across the world. Our machines are ideal to meet different production requirement and quantity. Our machines are designed to fit high-output automatic PET bottle production.

All our machines can operate easily without any special training and Safety Operation and are equipped with With PLC control system & button switches. Our machines boast of both high-pressure air hose and low-pressure air hose. The Speed of production is a whopping 500/600 bottles per hour. The Maximum Product Volume which can be handled by our machineries is 2 Liters Double Cavity, 5 Liters Single Cavity and 2 Liters Double Cavity.

Right from bottles for juices, water, soda, detergents, soda bottles and several other products, our semi automatic and automatic pet blow moulding machines can produce all. There is a rising demand for blow moulded products across various industries and we are proud to cater to all kinds of beverage industries and we take care of different production purposes and capacity. Right from design and development of energy efficient PET to complete set up and installation, we are the best bet for your industry needs.

Applications of PET auto bottle blow molding machines

Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine for PET Bottle are extensively used for manufacturing PET plastic containers and packages for mineral water, beverage, oil, cosmetic and hot infusion, etc.

Features of auto bottle blow moulding machines

1. Labor saving:

Labor saving: only one operator is needed for its high automation: the bottle blow moulding machine is controlled by micro-computers and each production process is equipped with self-locking functions which ensured safety production. 

2. Energy saving and cost saving:

Hisson Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. automatic bottle blow moulding machine adopted a high pressure clamping system with automatic pressure adjustment function. This system can help guarantying that the mold sealing is under condition of 100% air tightness before blowing and help avoiding air energy loss owing to incomplete air tightness. Such an effective control over air energy and power further helps saving production cost.

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