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Normally PET 5 gallon bottle is without handle, this is the limit of PET blowing technic. One Asia customer want to blow 5 gallon bottle with plastic handle in 2018 and they find us. Our company has the experience, and offered a best solution for this customer.

Because the customer has small budget and only want to invest blow molding machinery, we give solution to purchase 5 gallon preforms and plastic handle additionally, and customer only need to purchase 5 gallon blow molding machine HB-MG90, 5 gallon blow mold and accessories like air compressor, air dryer plus air filters.

The HB-MG90 is semi-auto blow molding machine, include three units, PET preform heating unit, PET preform inner heating unit and 5 gallon bottle blow molding unit.

The blow mold is special designed for 5 gallon bottle with handle, operator put the handle in mold, and then blowing is automatically. In their market, the consumers like 5 gallon bottle with handle, but PET bottle can not be blow with integrated handle, so we design the special mold, and can use additional plastic handle. By this way, we solved the problem from blowing technic and met the market requirement.

Photos of the case:

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