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In May of 2017, one customer from Africa asked us to help establishing new production line, the demand is to produce PET bottles 500ml (18g), 1000ml (34g) and 1500ml(45g), required output 1600BPH for 1500ml bottle.

According to requirement, we suggest suitable PET preform injection line and PET bottle blowing line.

The PET preform injection line, include two sets of HI-SV/P168 preform injection molding machine and one set of HI-SV/P188 preform injection molding machine, one HI-SV/P168 for 18g preform with 12-cavity mold, one HI-SV/P168 for 34g preform with 12-cavity mold, and one HI-SV/P188 for 45g preform with 8-cavity mold.

The preform injection line also include necessary accessories like 3-in-1 dryer/loader/dehumidifier, water chiller, low pressure air compressor, and air tank. Consider customer want to produce blue preforms, we equipped color doser for one machine.

For PET bottle blowing line, consider the output, we recommend 2-cavity full automatic blow molding machine HB-A2400, the output for 500ml is over 2200BPH, and for 1500ml is over 1800BPH.

The necessary accessories for PET bottle blowing include high pressure air compressor, air dryer plus CTA three grades air filters, and small model water chiller.

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