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How to eliminate the noise of injection molding machine?


With the development of the plastics industry, the use of injection molding machines is increasing. However, the noise problem of injection molding machines has always plagued producers and users. How to eliminate the noise of injection molding machine? The following Hisson injection molding machine manufacturers will introduce to you from the following three aspects.

First. Causes and elimination of motor noise

the reason:

1. The motor bearing is damaged.

2. Motor coil winding failure.

3. The motor wiring is wrong, and the noise increases when the system pressure rises.

Troubleshooting method:

1. Replace the bearing.

2. Replace or repair the motor.

3. Re-reference the wiring diagram for wiring.

Second. Causes and elimination methods of vibration pump noise

the reason:

1. The installation of the oil pump motor is different.

2. The coupling is loose.

3. Internal failure of the oil pump.

4. The oil level is too low, and air is sucked into the oil from the oil filter or the joint connection.

5. Inhale air from the motor shaft.

6. The oil filter blocks the oil filter.

7. The oil return pipe is loose and sucks in air or the oil pipe is on the oil surface, mixing air into the oil.

Troubleshooting method:

1. The concentricity should be adjusted to within 0.1mm.

2. Correct the coupling.

3. Repair or replace the oil pump.

4. Increase the oil volume above 400mm in the oil filter and the joint position.

5. Replace the rotating shaft sealing ring.

6. Clean the oil filter and filter the oil.

7. Clean the oil filter and filter the oil.

8. Lock the oil return pipe and extend the oil return pipe below the oil level.

Third. The cause of the noise of the total pressure valve (overflow valve) and the elimination method

the reason:

1. There is air in the front cavity of the pilot valve of the relief valve.

2. The orifice on the main valve core of the relief valve is blocked by oily dirt.

3. The pilot valve and the valve seat are not tight due to strain.

4. The spring is deformed or installed incorrectly.

5. The oil flow of the remote control port is too large.

6. The viscosity of hydraulic oil is too low or too high.

7. Resonate with the components in the loop.

Troubleshooting method:

1. Strengthen the seal, and vent the pressure several times against the up and down adjustment.

2. Clean the valve body to make the orifice unobstructed.

3. Repair or replace.

4. Repair and replace the spring.

5. Reduce remote control oral flow.

6. Replace the oil.

7. The pressure setting of other components cannot be close to the pressure setting value of the relief valve.

I will share with you how to eliminate the noise of the injection molding machine today. In order to reduce the noise during the design, assembly and use of the injection molding machine, we actually search for the noise source, using a sound meter, oscilloscope, and spectrum analyzer to measure and analyze Sound pressure level; and carry out frequency analysis and comparison of different working conditions to find the source, size and frequency characteristics of the noise, and take corresponding specific measures.

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