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Maintenance of vertical injection molding machine


Recent years, my country's injection molding machine industry has developed by leaps and bounds, and the injection molding machine products produced have been in demand in the market. However, after consumers purchase a vertical injection molding machine, they need to pay attention to the maintenance of the vertical injection molding machine from the following aspects, which can effectively extend the life of the vertical injection molding machine and reduce cost waste.

1. Quality of hydraulic oil

Oxidation stability of vertical injection molding machine is one of the chemical properties of hydraulic oil. The most important factor that determines the life of hydraulic oil is oxidation, that is, oxidation will produce insoluble materials such as wood tar. These insoluble substances will cause pollution of the hydraulic system, and problems such as the wear of hydraulic components, the reduction of various gaps, and the plugging of small holes, and finally the hydraulic system will malfunction. The oxidation rate of hydraulic oil is affected by its own factors. Temperature is the main factor. Therefore, it is necessary to use suitable hydraulic oil and check the oxidation degree of hydraulic oil regularly. Therefore, active oil change is necessary.

2. Hydraulic oil volume

The lack of oil in the vertical injection molding machine will cause many problems, such as the easy rise of oil temperature and the problems of air dissolving oil, which will affect the oil quality and the work of the hydraulic system. So what causes the lack of oil? It is usually caused by oil leakage or loss during repairs. In this case, we should check for possible leaks in normal times. Replace the worn seals as soon as possible, and loosen the joints and tighten them. Pay special attention to checking the oil level in the fuel tank after repairing.

3. Hydraulic oil temperature

The ideal working temperature of the hydraulic system of a vertical injection molding machine is between 45°C and 50°C, which is determined according to the viscosity of the selected pressure oil, but the change of oil temperature will drive the change of viscosity, and the components of the system will also be affected. Control accuracy and response sensitivity decrease at the same time, and this situation is more common for precision injection machines. Too high temperature will accelerate the aging of the seal, causing it to harden and crack; if the temperature is too low, the processing energy will be consumed and the operating speed will be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to always pay attention to the temperature of the hydraulic oil.

4. Cooler cleaning

For vertical injection molding machines, the cooler is cleaned once a year, or you can decide whether to clean it according to specific conditions, such as whether the working capacity is reduced, the inside of the cooler is blocked, and the water used for cooling is preferably soft (mineral-free).

5. Clean the oil filter

For vertical injection molding machines, the oil filter must be cleaned every once in a while to keep the oil suction pipe unobstructed and to check the oil filter screen.

The vertical injection molding machine can heat and plasticize a certain amount of plastic within a specified time in a cycle, and then inject the molten plastic into the mold cavity through a screw under a certain pressure and speed.

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