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What is the difference between PET preform injection moulding machine and Servo injection molding machine?


Is the role of PET preform injection moulding machine and Servo injection molding machine? With more and more plastic machinery on the market, the range of use of Plastic Machinery is very wide, and many feel that the two can replace each other. However, there is a difference between the PET preform injection moulding machine and Servo injection molding machine. Many people always mistakenly believe that the Servo injection molding machine is a PET preform injection moulding machine. The following introduces the differences between PET preform injection moulding machine and Servo injection molding machine from several aspects.

PET preform injection moulding machine

The consumption of PET bottles is very popular in the world, HI-P series injection molding machine is special design for PET preform production.

Hisson supply not only machinery, we provide complete solution according to PET resin characteristic.

PET material needs high plasticizing capacity, so our HI-P series machine is equipped special PET screw, prolonged screw and barrel. The preforms produced by HI-P series injection molding machine have good brightness and transparence.

And HI-P series machines are increased on oil pump’s power and heating ring’s power.

The machine clamping force is from 1680kn to 3980kn, the models are available to produce small preforms for medicine bottles to 5 gallon bottle preforms, from narrow neck, 28PCO, 30MM neck, oil neck, 45mm neck to wide mouth jar.

For every machine, there are 7 languages as standard, which allow easy operation for customers around the world.

Servo injection molding machine

Hisson focus on developing environment-friendly machines, HI-SV series servo motor system injection molding machine is equipped with high performance servo motor control system, the output power is changing along with load, there is no energy wasting, the power consumption during pressure keeping period is very low, the power consumption during cooling period is zero.

The advantages include high precision injection, big energy saving, low noise.

Compare with normal injection molding machine, according to different products, HI-SV series injection molding machine can save 50%-80%

To meet different items production, we developed various models, clamping force from 960kn to 1250kn, shot weight from 116g (PS) to 7844g (PS), the wide range of machines can meet customers’ production from small items to big plastic products.

The standard languages of PLC are 7 languages, and possible to be custom made according to customer requirement, every customer from different countries can operate easily.

The difference between servo injection moulding machine and PET preform injection moulding machine is motor.

PET preform injection moulding machine: Continuous operation, even if the machine action stopped, the motor also kept turning.

Servo Injection Molding Machine: Each different action will use the corresponding power to provide power, as the machine does not move, the servo motor will stop completely.

Servo energy-saving system will be the power system of injection moulding machine six elements:

1. Servomotor

2. Encoder

3. Gear pump

4. Servo Driver

5. Pressure sensor

6. Drive Control Module

Advantages of servo injection moulding machine:

1. Servo motors used in all-electric injection moulding machines are used to open and close moulds, eject and release moulds, inject and store raw materials, etc.

2. The operation speed is fast and precise, which greatly improves or improves the production environment and production efficiency.

3. The response speed can reach 0.03ms, which is much higher than that of the variable displacement pump 0.3ms, thus significantly improving the control accuracy.


Injection moulding machine produced by Hisson is very popular in the market.And the products shown below belong to this type.Hisson carries out strict quality monitoring and cost control on each production link of pet preform mould, from raw material purchase, production and processing and finished product delivery to packaging and transportation. This effectively ensures the product has better quality and more favorable price than other products in the industry.Hisson has a professional service team to solve problems for customers.

Hisson provides a wide range of injection molding machine for customers.Under the guidance of market, Hisson constantly strives for innovation. injection molding machine has reliable quality, stable performance, good design, and great practicality.Hisson pays great attention to customers. We always provide efficient, professional and high-quality OEM/ODM services from the perspective of customers.

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