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The Way You Can Manufacture PET Jars With Injection Blow Molding Machine


The blow molding process includes creating hollow parts, such as bottles and other containers, from plastic. While the plastic is still soft, the company will use air pressure to slowly inflate the products. It is in a mold, so it becomes the right shape. That is the same process that glass blowers use. It is a good idea to know how injection blow molding works.

How It Works

There are two parts to the process. First, a company will create melted plastic, known as parisons. That is the base for the process, no matter exactly how the company manufactures the jars.

The next part can begin once the parisons are ready. A couple of processes might get used for the parisons. That might include injection blow molding, extrusion blow molding, or stretch blow molding.

About Injection Blow Molding

The injecting blow molding method is for small types of containers. That might include ones that free samples come in, or even hand sanitizer containers. With injection blow molding, it is easy to create small, hollow objects. The process is easy enough that a company might use the process for making many products. However, it is not as commonly used by injection molding machine manufacturers as other methods are.

First, the company will place the heated plastic in a cavity on a pin at the center. The cavity mold is the outside of your piece, and a rod inside will shape the interior of the finished product. That might be a jar or a bottle that has a neck. There might be polymer on it, which will, at some point, become the jar’s body.

The injection blow molding machine will then move the piece to the blowing area. The piece is on a core rod that will then open one end and send air into the parison. In the end, the machine can blow the piece and then cool it before sending it out of the machine.

About Injection Stretch Blow Molding

This process is somewhat similar to injecting blow molding. However, the injection cavity will create the exterior of your preform. Then the part will move 90 degrees, and air can go into it. The stretch rod in the injection blow molding machinery will create the right shape using pressure.

The process of injection blow molding is useful for making food product containers, soft drink containers, and personal care product containers.

Choose the Right Injection Blow Molding Machinery Today

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