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What's the best pet injection molding machine?



There are many reasons as to why the process of injection molding is very popular in the field of plastic production—the most common reason is that it is the best means of producing enormous and identical quantities of plastic parts. There are many different types of molding machines, depending on what you are creating and how the machine affects the product. Machines are classified mainly by the type of driving system they use: hydraulic, electric, and hybrid.

Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine

Historically, this was the only option available until a company in Japan introduced the first electric machine in the early 1980s. Here are some of the benefits of an all-hydraulic injection molding machine:

1.Lower price: The base price of these machines are significantly less than its alternatives.

2.Cheaper parts: If a part on the machine needs to be replaced due to damage or the parts life-span reached its limit, the replacement parts are lower cost and easier to find.

3.Stronger parts: The hydraulic parts of the machine are more resistant to wear and tear—they are built to last.

Power: Hydraulic molding machines have exceptional clamping force.

Electric Injection Molding Machines

Electric molding machines as stated above, were first available in the 1980s and quickly became popular. Here are some of the benefits of an all-electric injection molding machine:

Energy efficiency: Electric injection molding machines only use energy when in action—meaning the motor output is only equal to that of the load requirements.

Less-down time: There is no chance of leakage from oil. Also, no oil use means no filters to be replaced, which means consumable expenses are less.

Faster process: These machines are digitally controlled, meaning the process is entirely repeatable and needing no supervision.

Clean operation: Since there is no use of oil for this machine, it is safe for use if you are manufacturing medical parts. Typically, these parts should be created in a clean-room area.

Hybrid Injection Molding Machines

To some, the hybrid models promise the best of the both worlds by bringing together the benefits of an electric motor and hydraulics. Here are some of the benefits of a hybrid injection molding machine:

Diversity: the possible combinations for hybrid injection molding machines open up new degrees of design flexibility.

Best of both: Hybrid molding machines combine the energy savings and accuracy of electric molders with the force-generating capacity of a hydraulic unit.

Replaced motor: Hybrids have replaced fixed-speed DC pump motors with variable-speed AC drives so the pump only operates when required and uses the necessary amount of oil for process efficiency.

Less downtime: These require less maintenance and experience less downtime than an all-hydraulic or all-electric molding machines.

Price point: Falls nicely between all-hydraulic and all-electric molding machines, making it an affordable option. Especially for medical device manufacturers.

When defining the benefits of each pet injection molding machine, it is referred by the primary feature needed for that particular molding process and final product being created. Each job is unique, and at Hisson Plastic Machinery, we specialize in helping to design, create, and perfect your next part. 

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