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Choose the Best Blow Molding Manufacturers


Blow molding often involves inflating plastic to form hollow parts, such as jars or bottles. That way, the plastic will move to fill the mold, which is in the shape of the final product. Before choosing the best blow molding manufacturers, it is a good idea to know how the process works.

The Importance of Finding Leaks in Bottles

You may not think that one or two bottles that leak would be much of an issue. The molder can simply reject the problematic bottles and then recycle them into new ones. However, that is why it is so critical to discover potential issues early on. A bottle will often get labeled and filled with liquid.

That is when there are issues if the bottles are problematic. Many shippers place the bottles in boxes and then stack several boxes on top of each other. A single leaky bottle can make a huge mess in that case. If a blow molder sells leaky bottles, the product manufacturer often has to absorb the cost. That means that a blow molder’s clients might be less likely to use them again. Luckily, using the right plastic blow molding machines can reduce the chances of creating leaky bottles.

A company only has a couple of seconds to test out each bottle because the line speed is so fast. A leak can be small, so a company has to use sensitive tools to test out each piece.

Detecting Leaks

There are several designs of tools that can detect leaks in your bottles. For instance, a company might take some air that they know the pressure of and put that in a fixed volume tank. Then they can put that air in their bottle and determine the air pressure in the bottle. They can determine whether or not the pressure is what they had expected it to be. Of course, that requires most of the bottles to be of the same size. That test is also called a pressure drop test.

Sometimes, companies use devices to test that. They might have a conveyor to move each bottle under the test head. The test head moves down over a bottle and places some air in the container to a certain pressure. The bottle’s pressure will reach a certain amount and then become steady. If the pressure remains high enough, it is a good bottle, but the piece will get rejected if it is not good.

Choose the Best Blow Molding Manufacturers Today

When you are in need of blow molding equipment, it is critical to choose the right company. Contact Hisson Plastic Machinery today to find out more about our processes and how we can help you.

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